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DJ Promoter™ is an independent resource for DJs and anyone associated with DJs or clubbing. Be you the most famous DJ in the world or an unknown bedroom DJ, you are equally welcome to register and create a DJ profile.

Fans and clubbers alike are also welcome to register, as it will be possible for you to create your own reviews of DJs, venues/clubs, events, and more.

We also encourage venue/club owners and promoters to register, as you will be able to create venue and event profiles.

If you are responsible for managing many DJs, venues or events then we can set you up as an Industry member. This is an enhanced membership type that would enable you to create multiple profiles on the website. It is ideal for promoters, labels, agencies, managers, multiple venue owners etc. If you are interested in becoming an Industry member please email us at

We will endeavour to make available within our Tunes/Mixes section of the website, a limited number of mixes or tunes from selected DJ Promoter Resident DJs. Indeed, if you are interested in becoming a Resident DJ, please email us at

We aim to build up a worldwide resource covering many aspects of DJing and clubbing. The website is effectively a database tool that enables registered members to upload the content themselves. We are not primarily a content provider, YOU will create the content.

We are confident that we have created a user friendly website that is both fast and easy to use, e.g. you will not see unnecessary 'Flash' that takes forever to load!

We also strive to feature prominently at the top of the search engine listings, and this will be reviewed on a regular basis. This ensures that the information you upload shall always be available to a broad global audience.

This website will only use ethical, unobtrusive advertising techniques so you will not find any frustrating pop-up windows or tacky oversized flashing banners!

We are committed to data protection and invite you to review our Privacy Statement.

Will Access Always Be Free?

Yes and No.

It is proposed that the majority of features that are currently available to users who register a standard membership will always remain free.

However as our website community grows, we hope to add enhanced features to the website, and these may be classed as chargeable services.

For example, the most significant enhancement would be the ability to upload audio files to DJ profiles, which members will then be able to listen to via audio streaming or downloads. The audio feature will incur significant costs in infrastructure, bandwidth charges, and legal red tape. To offer this type of enhanced feature, we may have to introduce a premium membership tier for a small monthly fee. Signing up to premium membership would be optional, by default you would remain on the standard free membership plan.

The Industry member type is also classified as an enhanced feature, and we may negotiate a charge before granting this privilege to a user.

The Resident DJ opportunity is also classified as an enhanced feature, and we may negotiate a charge before hosting a user's mix/music. This is because of costs incurred by bandwidth usage.

However for both Industry member and Resident DJ, we may also be open to entering into a benefit exchange arrangement. That is, if you have services within your own website or business that may benefit DJ Promoter, in return we will offer you enhanced features/benefits on our website at no additional cost.

The Featured section on the website's homepage is another service that will eventually become classified as an enhanced feature. Hence to become a featured DJ, or feature your venue or event on the homepage would require an additional charge. However for the time being, the Featured section is randomised across all user profiles.

We feel it is best to be open and honest about the subject of member charging from the offset. We are independent and trying to run the website as a business, so we must be able to find ways of recovering our costs and making a profit. Other avenues of revenue we will be looking at are advertising, sponsorship, merchandise. If any of these revenue streams were to generate enough income, it is possible that we will be able to offer some enhanced features to members at no extra cost.


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