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Excellent resource that provides tips and advice on just about everything you need to know about the art of DJing.

The House Music Forum

Free to register forum for house music lovers from all over the world. Inside you will find djs, produces, artists, musicians, labels, radio stations, agencies, writers, journalists, clubs, clubbers and music fans.


DJ Accessory Manufacturer (Glow-in-the-Dark- slipmats, custom slipmats, cd slipmats and clothing).

Marino Sounds

Marino Sounds are a multimedia recording studio that create state of the art video games and television orchestral and electronic soundtracks and sound effects. They are based in Italy.

Face Media Group

Face Media Group provide high standards of service and quality in the fields of print and promotion, including flyers and posters.

DJ Tutorial

Downloadable multimedia DJ courses for DJ of all experience levels.

Warping Ableton

A fast professional music warping service for Ableton Live to save the precious time DJs need, and are often short of, while on the road. They will warp every genre of music for all types of DJs from beginners to professionals using Ableton Live.


ADJF - Forums for Australian DJ's & Music Producers

Sub Club

Scotland's best club. Subculture every Saturday is their most famous night where it is mainly house or techno music of various flavours. Other nights of the week may cater for different styles of house, techno and electronic music.

Professional Music Technology

Online retailer suppling brand new musicial gear and DJ equipment at competitive prices.


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Sonos Wireless Music Player

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