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Sub Club

Arguably Scotland's best club. Subculture every Saturday is their most famous night where it is house music of various flavours. Other nights of the week cater for different styles of house, techno and electronic music.At Optimo on Sundays, anything goes.

Deep Dig

Where bands, DJs and other artists can register to upload their own songs. It is a free to use service which has been set up to help promote unsigned artists.

Radost FX

Radost FX is the coolest venue in Prague, Czech Republic. As well as a club, there is also a restaurant, bars and a record shop. The restaurant includes both a cafe and lounge area.

2ASides Records

The new website of New York label 2ASides Records. They specialise in underground dance music. The website provides an upload feature for prospective producers to submit their music to them.

Jam Radio

Internet radio station. Jam Radio is an outlet for new and up and coming artists from all genres of underground Urban music to showcase and gain exposure in the music industry.

The House Music Forum

Free to register forum for house music lovers from all over the world. Inside you will find djs, produces, artists, musicians, labels, radio stations, agencies, writers, journalists, clubs, clubbers and music fans.


DJ Accessory Manufacturer (Glow-in-the-Dark- slipmats, custom slipmats, cd slipmats and clothing).

Madz Music

DJs and producers of electronic music, formed back in 2000. Since then they have been regulars playing the London, Madrid and Barcelona clubbing scene. They have mixes available for download.

Marino Sounds

Marino Sounds are a multimedia recording studio that create state of the art video games and television orchestral and electronic soundtracks and sound effects. They are based in Italy.


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