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At long last, we are pleased to announce the launch of, a website which we hope will grow into one of the world’s largest online communities for DJs and clubbing. Our Welcome Page provides a useful summary of what the website is all about, and feel free to peruse the specific areas of the website.

At, you can register for free. Once registered, you will then be able to create either a DJ profile or Venue profile. After your chosen profile has been created, you can then go on to create an unlimited number of Event profiles, which will be automatically related to your main DJ or Venue profile.

However you can also choose to remain only as a basic registered member, as it is not mandatory for you to create a DJ or Venue profile.

All registered members will be able to view, search, and review any DJ, Venue, or Event profile on the website, as well as post on the DJ Promoter forums.

We also offer an enhanced membership, known as Industry, which enables you to create unlimited DJ, Venue and Event profiles. This option is ideal for promoters, managers, labels, agents, multiple venue owners, to name but a few. If you already have your own website or have posted DJ or venue information at other websites, please don’t let that stop you from also publishing this information at DJ Promoter, since this is an independent website. Conversely, if you do not yet have your own website and have been looking to create an online presence for your DJs or venues, then why not let DJ Promoter be the solution to your problem?

Where are all the 1000s of profiles then? (we hear you ask)…

The simple answer to this is that we started with an empty database! It is up to you to register and create your own profiles.

Where is the music?

The audio streaming functionality is still in final testing, but we hope to add this to the website very soon. The plan is to provide up to 10 different audio streams, broadcast simultaneously (bandwidth permitting). Each audio stream will broadcast non-stop on a cyclic basis.

Why bother?

It is true that there are (and have been) many similar websites which provide DJ and venue profiles. However in the case of DJs, these are often profiles of established professionals only, on say a promoter’s, label’s or venue’s own website, with no opportunity for the unknown or amateur DJ to publish their details. The independent nature of DJ Promoter allows any DJ, established or otherwise, affiliated or otherwise, to advertise themselves.

There have also been dedicated DJ promotion websites that tried to charge for even the basic membership registration, at least one of these websites that we are aware of, is no longer operational.  In our opinion this is not a good model to choose, on the internet you simply have to offer some services for free.  Membership charging should only come into play when accessing enhanced services or other member benefits.

In the case of venues, there are of course many websites out there with directory listings of clubs, bars etc. However we hope that those venues which operate seriously within the DJ and clubbing subculture will be attracted by the opportunity of advertising to their niche market on DJ Promoter.

The beauty of DJ Promoter is that you don’t actually have to go through the hassle of setting up your own website, or rely on a website to set up your profile information on your behalf. All your information is under your control. And don’t forget, once you’ve created your profile you will also have a unique URL which you can attach to your online signatures or promotional material.

For now it better be Beta…

Despite the website being officially launched, for the time being we have decided to classify it as a Beta release. There are various reasons for this:

  • We may quickly introduce additional features.
  • As it is a new website, we are not too proud to admit that users may find some bugs. However a lot of testing has been done to minimize this.
  • The users themselves may provide useful suggestions which may lead us to alter or add to the website.

A brief bit of history…

The idea for first came about around 5 years ago, a ‘light bulb moment’ whilst standing in the middle of a crowded dance floor. A quick WHOIS check of the domain name revealed that amazingly, it was still available. This was vital, because we believe that the domain name itself is arguably the strongest factor behind making this website a success.

However the idea then sat in limbo for nearly 3 years, as much pondering was done, waiting for the day when the second ‘light bulb moment’ would arrive…

That moment duly arrived towards the tail end of 2002. This kicked off a period of research and analysis into the feasibility of getting the website up and running. At the end of this period, a number web design companies were asked to submit cost estimates.

Development of the website itself started in May 2003. We had originally estimated that this development stage would be complete by March 2004, but the complexity, along with resource limitations, as well as other unforeseen factors, has meant that it has taken an extra year to get where we are today.

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