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Xpress Free Party at The Q Club in Glasgow 19th August 2005

This was's first association with the Xpress promoters, and a great night was had by all, as the photos should indicate!
The pre-party kicked off proceedings in The Edge, just round the corner from the Q Club. Xpress residents Rod Mac and Jim Haggarty were on the decks spinning a mixture of funky and old school house. The term 'old school' is so often abused, but believe me this was proper old school house music.
Then it was round to the Q Club with guest DJs Steven McCreery and Dave Begg, two of Scotland's finest exponents of deep and progressive house music.  Steven McCreery's set in particular appears to have blown people away with some saying that he's back to his best, if not better.

But the night wasn't finished there. Next up we had two members of Sweden's Inkfish, brothers Andreas and Johan Hermansson, spinning some progressive and tribal grooves. It may well have been very hot inside the Q Club, but that didn't stop the crowd from partying hard.  I must say, it was a refreshing change to hear the deeper and more progressive sound being played out in one of Glasgow's more intimate venues.  As in recent times, you normally have to venture into the more expansive surroundings of The Arches to hear this type of music on a regular basis.
The only disappointment about the Q Club was that the party was brought to an abrupt halt by the usual 3am license restrictions.  There is talk of a relaxation of licensing laws across the UK, so hopefully that will soon be a thing of the past.  Fortunately though, on this occasion there was an after party to go to, with Xpress newbie DJ Keiron taking his place behind the decks, supported by residents Rod Mac and Jim Haggarty. The after party was held at a secret venue in Glasgow, and this shall of course remain a secret. So if you want to know where it is you'll have to come along to the next Xpress party to find out!  All the DJs and many of the clubbers from the Q Club found their way to the after party, so there was no let up on the partying and quality of music.
Full DJ Lineup
Pre-party @ The Edge and Secret After Party
Rod Mac
Jim Haggarty
Q Club
Steven McCreery
Dave Begg
The next Xpress night at the Q Club is scheduled for 7th October, where both the pre-party at The Edge and the after party will also be in operation. Keep checking and other clubbing website forums for details.
And now for some photos...
All photos were provided courtesy of, so big thanks goes out to them.  And I must say that the photos have turned out naughtier than was anticipated!  But nonetheless, here they are in all their glory...

Ignore the haircut, yes that really is Steven McCreery on the decks...

Steven McCreery on the decks

Q Club dance floor...

Q Club dance floor

Q Club dance floor

And now for a bit of glamour...

2 girls at Q Club

She may have shut her eyes but it's someone else who has done his best to try and spoil this picture!

2 girls at Q Club

Some Xpress clubbers...

happy Xpress clubbers

4 lads at Q Club

Strike a pose in the doorway!

Girl in doorway at Q Club

Back on the dance floor...

Q Club dance floor

Some more glamour on the dance floor...

Girl dancing

Together they appear to be making a bizarre version of the V sign...

2 lads at Q Club

A couple (I presume) enjoying themselves in the main room...

a couple at the Q Club

Nobody told me that snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan was there...

2 lads on dance floor at Q Club

Hmmm, I don't think it was him after all...

2 lads on dance floor at Q Club

Sandwiched on the dance floor!

Xpress clubbers at Q Club

A few more shots of clubbers in the main room...

girl and guy on dance floor

3 clubbers in main room at Q Club

4 clubbers on dance floor at Q Club

In deep conversation trying to solve the world's problems, or simply chilling out in the corner?

2 lads chilling out in room 2 at Q Club

This girl gets cheeky!

Girl getting cheeky

Same girl? You're not thong there!

2 girls at the bar

2 girls at the bar

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