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Tribal Gathering Warehouse Party 2005 - 28th August 2005

Having attended Creamfields 2005 in Liverpool the previous day, tonight it was the turn of the Tribal Gathering Warehouse Party in Manchester. After the local council had refused to grant a license for the original 'warehouse' venue, the party was instead held at Tribal's home club, Sankeys Soap.  Tonight was part 2 of the two day weekend party.  To help compensate for the change of venue, Tribal Gathering had provided free drinks vouchers on the door to ticket holders, as well as opening the club for 12 hours and even providing a free BBQ.

Before I go any further, I would like to point out that the start times and lengths of each set mentioned in the article are approximations, because I can honestly not remember the exact detail from the night! I will confess that the Tribal Gathering party was planned as a night to let the hair down rather than concerning myself with writing a review!

We arrived at the club just after 18:30, and were immediately greeted with Jam & Spoon 'Odyssey To Anyoona' being played out to the floor by Tribal Sessions resident DJ, Iain Taylor. It was great to hear such an old classic being dropped in a club once again.

Iain Taylor had been spinning since the club opened at 17:00, and I think it was approximately 20:00 when Infusion then took to the stage for a live performance. Whereas at Creamfields the previous evening Infusion had only been given 30 minutes on the main stage, this time they were able to perform for something like 90 minutes.  Add to that fact the excellent acoustics and sound system at Sankeys, and this resulted in a mind blowing set from a band who is arguably Australia's finest exponents of electronic music.

Next up at around 21:30 or so, the crowd's attention turned from the stage to the decks as James Zabiela stepped up for which turned out to be the first of two sets by him (but more about that later...). For a DJ to immediately follow a live act can never be a straightforward task, especially an act of the calibre of Infusion. However James Zabiela's high technical ability and well honed live mixing skills ensured that the transition from live act to DJ went smoothly. As ever, Zabiela served up a set of varied musical styles which worked the crowd into a frenzy. Keep up the great work James...

With Zabiela's set such a hit with the crowd, it was easy to forget that next up were legends John Digweed and Sasha. It was now approximately 00:00 (I think!).  However any hopes the crowd had of a musical journey back to the days of Northern Exposure were soon dashed, as it was announced that Sasha would not be playing! The superstar DJ was said to be 'ill'. This of course brought boos from the crowd. But in a masterstroke of PR, those jeers were turned to cheers, as it was announced that Zabiela would come back on after Digweed to do a second set for the final 2 hours, as well as a there being a free bar for those last 2 hours. Of course that was a shame for Iain Taylor, but then at least he had already played a set at the start of the evening.

So back to the not so small matter of John Digweed.  It was certainly not as varied a set as Zabiela, but then diversity of styles is not something you would normally expect from Digweed.  Instead the veteran spinner stuck mainly to the driving prog formula that he is most renowned for. Of course I could be way off the mark with that assessment because in all honesty, during the 3 hours or so of Digweed's set I was somewhat 'sparkled', in a highly legal manner you understand...

By the end of Digweed's set, we had been inside Sankeys for over 8 hours, but bravely soldiered on to catch some of Zabiela's second set. However the courtyard soon beckoned and we immersed ourselves in the serious business of chilling out and talking random nonsense.

Whilst in the courtyard and then again when leaving the club itself, Sankeys PR people were handing out free tickets to Lee Burridge for Friday 2nd September, which was possibly another gesture to help nullify the disappointment of Sasha's non-appearance.  I personally ended up with 5 tickets in total!  However being from Glasgow, it was not possible for me to return to Sankeys so soon. So onto the Tribal Gathering website forum I went and within minutes I'd found people to use all 5 tickets. I just hope they ended up receiving the tickets through the post in time!

Main Room Lineup

Iain Taylor - 17:00 - 20:00 (approx)
Infusion - 20:00 - 21:30 (approx)
James Zabiela - 21:30 - 00:00 (approx)
John Digweed - 00:00 - 03:00 (approx)
James Zabiela - 03:00 - 05:00 (approx)

PS: If I got these times all wrong feel free to log onto my forums and slag me off for it!

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