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I Love Techno 2006 - Review

I made it along to I Love Techno this year, held at Flanders Expo, just outside of Gent, Belgium.

The main reason I went was to see Kraftwerk since most of the DJs appear in the UK every so often as it is.

You know what to expect with Kraftwerk, however that didn't stop me from being mightily impressed by the electronic pioneers as they methodically processed their way through their set.

Before Kraftwerk I caught half of the ever impressive Tiefschwarz, and after Kraftwerk I stayed in the Yellow Room for the whole of James Holden's set, which was deep and atmospheric as per usual. Here's a link to part of Holden's set, James Holden @ I Love Techno 2006.

After James Holden I headed for the Blue Room to see Laurent Garnier spinning back-to-back with Carl Craig, where we stayed until the end of the event. It's fair to say they were both in party mode by that stage so it wasn't a set for the purists, but when they were dropping classics such as 'The Age of Love' it was the ideal way to end the night.

I thought the crowd were pretty sound, and most people seemed to be there for the music and not just for drugs. People were mannerly as well, and didn't randomly bang into you like flies around a light-bulb, which can't always be said of the bigger music events.

Getting to Gent isn't the most hassle free journey in the world, so be prepared for having to navigate trains, buses and trams. Also, we stayed in Gent for 2 nights, and although it has a large student population and is a picturesque and laid back city, it was just too quiet on the Sunday night.

So if I go again next year we're going to hire a car next time. Possibly fly to Amsterdam for the Friday, stay in Gent on the Saturday, then back to Amsterdam for another 1 or 2 nights.

No photos this time I'm afraid, as my camera is currently in for repair.

Source: djpromoter - added 25 Oct 2006


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