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Ultra Music Festival 2005

The biggest 'problem' about Miami during the WMC week is choosing where to go.  At any point during the day or night, there are so many events running simultaneously that you would need to be a time traveller to get to them all. The traffic is also a nightmare so it's difficult to hop around quickly from event to event.

So I didn't get along to the Ultra Music Festival until about 6pm (it started at 11am).  That still gave me 6 hours.  First task was to do a complete tour of the event site and capture lots of photos.  Before you know it 3 hours have passed and you realise that you would also like to see some of the acts/DJs!

Moby on main stage

So I plumped for Moby who was on the main stage, main reason being that I'd never seen him live before.  Moby and his band certainly didn't disappoint, and it was a very diverse and energetic performance. Note that I have intentionally refrained from using the word 'eclectic' to describe the performance, since Moby uses that word himself all too often, and I don't want the 'cliche cops' at my door.

Moby on stage at Ultra 2005 image1

Moby on stage at Ultra 2005 image2

Moby on stage at Ultra 2005 image3

Moby on stage at Ultra 2005 image4

Now for some Breaks

After Moby I went to the Breaks/Drum & Bass arena, only to discover that Hybrid were in the middle of a DJ set!  Now I'm pretty sure they hadn't been billed as playing at Ultra so this was a pleasant surprise (although I think they were in town playing at another club).  After Hybrid, BT then did a short and sweet breaks set which included a couple of Evil Nine tracks as well as Lenny Kravitz 'Are you gonna go my way'.

What I missed

If I had the time at my disposal, I would also like to have seen Infusion, Layo & Bushwaka, Goldie, Photek and Rabbit In The Moon. However at least I had already seen Infusion at Club Spin earlier in the week.

Images of Ultra

I took over 300 photos at the festival, so keep checking back on the website for the 'Images of Ultra' series.

However I did promise the following people I'd stick their photos up on the site ASAP. So if you are one of these people reading this now, I hope you enjoyed Ultra, and welcome to DJpromoter.

Ultra 2005 Girls in VIP room

Ultra 2005 Girls 1

Ultra 2005 Cyber Nutter

Ultra 2005 4 Friends

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