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Warping - Ableton Live More Accessible to Busy DJs

Ableton Live Just Became More Accessible to Busy DJs!

Warping Ableton logo

Those DJs who have tried using Ableton Live to mix and remix will know why more and more creative DJs are taking the program out on the road. Its attraction comes from its powerful studio quality effects, endless access to VST plug-ins, plus its almost completely customisable use with controllers and various other DJ gadgets. Ableton Live gives the creative DJ a functional and responsive yet fun platform to perform in any environment.

However for some DJs there is a major drawback. If like many others, you were DJing using another format, vinyl or CDs, you are forced to start again by recording or ripping your collection to WAV or MP3. This can be demanding on your limited free time, to add to this problem Ableton Live also requires you to warp your tracks so that they will play in sync with the rest of your music. Although using Ableton Live is highly creative and therefore rewarding to use at any party or event, converting your music collection is a daunting task. “When I started out I had 1000’s of records to record and then import into Ableton Live. Personally warping the tracks was never a problem, it was finding the time to go through this whole process with every single track in order to add it to Ableton Live.” Says Mark Cochrane, the founder of Warping

So towards the end of 2008 Mark and his team attempted to help remedy some of this time consumption and launched a test service on his site This test service aimed to offer busy DJs a professional, accurate, no hassle warping service to prepare their music for Ableton Live. This generated quite an interest with many different types of DJs using the service to save time. So to mark the start of 2009 the existing warping service has been moved to its own area of the web. Now you can find the warping service at, were you are able to pick a warping package to best suit your needs, upload your music securely and download your files after they have been warped. All the music you send is warped tightly so that the entire length of the tracks play in sync with everything else loaded into an Ableton Live set.

To celebrate the launch of this new site they are currently offering a promotion for new customers who will receive extra tracks warped for free. Mark also added, “The DJs using the service so far have been anything from very busy professionals on the road to total beginners. We are aware that some of our DJs need to have their tracks warped very quickly so remain responsive to requests to warp their music to deadlines. So far we have helped DJs warp single tracks through to large chunks of their music collection, it’s all possible.”

To see for yourself, visit

Source: Mark Cochrane (Warped Project) - added 23 Jan 2009


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