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January 28th - Latest DJpromoter News

Main Blurb
As this is the first newsletter of 2009, I'd just like to say thanks to all who are continuing to find the website and signing up. I don't pay for any advertising of the website so its mainly you folks I rely on to gradually build up the user base.

If you are a user of Ableton Live but don't have much spare time to spend on warping your tracks, then you might be interested in a new warping service provided by See also for their press release.

Since the last news update in December, there have been 10 DJ profiles created:


dj kunal

Shiver Xtreme


DJ Nemzee


DJ Fazzel

DJ Singh



YouTube Videos
Please visit the YouTube site at the link below to check out some recent video footage:


Website Stats
At the time of writing this newsletter there are currently 387 DJ profiles and 1075 registered members on the website.

Source: djpromoter - added 28 Jan 2009


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