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September 29th - Opportunity to appear in a BBC TV Series

4 Part BBC3 TV Show Looking For a DJ

I was emailed by a TV company who make programs for BBC3 who say they would like to feature a young DJ in their latest program. I must admit it's not really the sort of television program I would usually watch myself, however if you look at it from the point of view that it could be a good opportunity to get your name and face known, I thought it would be useful to publish on the website.

Rather than interpret my own view of what the program makers are after, I've simply copied their email below word for word.  If anyone is interested email the website and I will forward you the contact details of the program makers.

"We are currently looking for people to take part in a new 4-part series for BBC3, that is all about young couples who have just moved in with each other for the first time and are trying to come to terms with the realities of living with someone of the opposite sex. The show will send the boyfriends on a crash course on how to understand their partners in a bid to improve there relationships. It has a working title at the moment of ‘Living with Women’.

We are particularly keen to speak to dj’s and so we were hoping that you might be able to get us in touch with some young dj’s who might be up for it?"

Source: djpromoter - added 29 Sep 2010


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