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Febuary 28th - Latest DJpromoter News

Winter Music Conference 2011 
The 26th Winter Music Conference in Miami is only a week away (

It will be interesting to find out how it pans out this year, with it being the first time that WMC has dropped all links to the Ultra Music Festival (itself now running separately at the end of March). With less clubbers in attendance some of the WMC parties may end up being on the quiet side.

However on the plus side, those who are attending may be the people who are more serious about promoting their music and making business deals. So in that respect it might have been the ideal year for myself to make a return to the WMC, but alas, unfortunately I'll not be making it across from the United Kingom on this occasion.

If you happen to be going, please share your thoughts and experiences in the forums. 

New DJ Profiles 
Since the last news update, there have been 12 DJ profiles created:

DJ RAJ (Mumbai, India)


Andrew Kearns (North West London, United Kingdom)

Deejay SameR (Sharm El Shiekh, Egypt)

DJ A (Leicestershire, United Kingdom)

Deejay-Bizzle (United Kingdom)

DJ First Born (Worcestershire, United Kingdom)

DJ OzYBoY (Sydney, Australia)

Carmine DJ Twist (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

Bailing Barry (Midlands, United Kingdom)

Glazersound (Italy)

Aleksandar Predragovic (Malm, Sweden)

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