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March 31st - Latest DJpromoter News

Glade Festival 2011 
Over the past few weeks I've received what seems like a record number of emails plugging the summer's music festivals that are being held in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. However I thought I'd pick out the Glade Festival for a mention in my newsletter, as based on two previous visits it is the best music event I've been to.

Last year's event had intended to be at a different location from the several years previous, but was unfortunately cancelled. The reasons were widely reported at the time so I won't repeat here, but whatever the cause, I think the organisers would admit themselves that the scale of the event had been increased too much.

So this year they are saying that the event has been scaled back to the size of the original Glade events. As is the Glade tradition, the location is not being made known until just before the event itself. As per the last update I received from Glade earlier this month, they had sold over half the tickets.

The headline stage acts that have been announced so far include Slam, Hybrid, Trentemoller, Global Communication, Andrew Weatherall and Photek. The event will be held from 10-12 June, but access to the campsite begins from 12pm on 9 June.

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DJgriff (London, United Kingdom)
Spins: Techno, House - Tech, House - Deep, Downbeat

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