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FABRICLIVE 10th June 2005

FABRICLIVE: Scratch Perverts, Foreign Beggars, DJ Craze, Tim Westwood, DJ Kentaro, Joe Ransom,DJ Hype, Andy C, Zinc, Zero 7, Ali B.

London has previously been a place I visit for reasons other than clubbing, so this was in fact my first ever trip to Fabric.  In truth the bill wasn't as much to my tastes when compared with what is normally offered up by FABRICLIVE, but given that I wanted to go to the Nick Warren GU release party the following night, I simply had to pay Fabric a visit whilst in London.

After the 20 taxi ride from Earl's Court (only 5 miles away), I arrived about 2330 and was faced with a daunting queue that stretched around the corner.  They had also set up queue barriers which essentially meant that the queue was up to 5 deep in places. Of course there was also the obligatory guest list queue which was mostly empty, as well as what I assume was a tickets-only queue which itself was fairly substantial. But despite all this, the queue was well managed and I was inside the club within half an hour.

Perhaps because of Tim Westwood playing Room 1, age wise some of the clientele did look like they could be erring on the wrong side of legal. Nonetheless, the bouncers were IDing people that looked suspiciously under-age.  I didn't see much searching going on, but often this is a sign of a club that can trust its regular crowd. Some people were drinking in the queue in full view of the doormen, but still were let into the club, which is different from the clubs I am used to up north.

Once inside, by this time approximately 12am and after paying my 10 (a very fair price IMO), I did a quick circuit of the whole club. The music at that point in Room 1 was not to my tastes so I moved onto Room 2 which was blasting out drum & bass.  Now much as I quite enjoy certain styles of D&B, the room was basically full of blokes 'pogoing', which at 12am after I've just arrived in a club is not quite what I was looking for.  So on to Room 3 I went, and in truth, I had more or less decided beforehand that I would spend most of the night in there because Air were doing a DJ set. Now this was more like what I was looking for.  A much smaller room but a nice underground feel to it and well laid out. 

As for the sound system, I can say that Fabric's reputation in that department was well and truly confirmed.  It is possibly the greatest sound system I've ever heard in a UK club, even better than Sankeys Soap and also my home town Glasgow's Sub Club (and you don't know how hard it is for me to say that!). Indeed I would say that the sound system was at least on a par with Pacha in Ibiza.

The music in Room 3 started out in a more chilled out mode but quickly started to pick up with quite a diverse range of styles thrown together.  Lots of Breaks tunes were served up and then by the time I was ready to leave some rather tasty Tech House had come into force.  The crowd in Room 3 were relaxed and friendly and I hardly noticed the bouncers, always a good indicator that a venue has a good vibe going.

So based on this one night experience of Fabric, I think it's reasonable to suggest that were I to reside in London this could be my regular club of choice.

Source: djpromoter - added 16 June 2005


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