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July 31st - Monthly DJpromoter Updates

Techno Live Set - iFORMAT
My regular featured DJ/producer, Joseph McGeechan, has made available his latest live set under the iFORMAT moniker. This live performance has been specially prepared for the Tresor club in Berlin, where Joe will be airing a version of this set on August 17th.

Please check out the download below, and get yourself along to Tresor if you're in that part of the world.

iFORMAT live set for Tresor in August

Bloc Weekend Disaster 
In last month's update I mentioned I was attending the Bloc Weekend music festival. I'm sure many of you will have since heard about what a disaster that turned out to be. For my own comments check out the following articles.

Bloc 2012 - The Festival That Could Not Be

Bloc 2012 - An Account of a Cursed Music Festival

As it turns out I have since had full refund of my tickets, since they were originally booked using a credit card. So sometimes using a credit card does have an upside :-)

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